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Kingzone will launch fashion N5


According to network source, Kingzone will launch its new model N5 soon. As N3's next generation, N5 adds a few special features. Since confidentiality agreement is signed, the details can't be disclosed yet, though net friends have shown intensive concern about it.

N5 inherits N3's simple and gallant appearance. It mainly consists of space aluminum composite material, which is used even for side trims like music button and power button, making grip feeling more comfortable. With metal frame and superb technology, this phone looks strong and cool. This material selection goes through hundreds of tests, the space aluminum composite material results from six-layer high-tech composite technology including the texture layer, wear-resisting layer, fingerprint resistant layer, flat outer. Its back cover has CD grain, which is dazzling.

How about the specification? As disclosed by Kingzone, N5 carries MT6735 quad-core processor, equips with JDI 5.0 inch HD touch screen, and uses the ultra-narrow frame design which brings users a fantastic holding hand feeling. In order to closely follow the mainstream, memory keeps 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM. With main camera 13MP and rear camera 5MP, plus beauty function, it will find favor toward autodyne enthusiast.

In addition, battery capacity is upgraded to 2600mAh, endurance is great for N5 with low power consumption. And Kingzone experts have given full play to optimizing apps such as video and image processing as to reduce the power consumption at the maximum. In this way, even if these apps are operated for a long time, power will not drain fast. For GPS, Glonass, A-GPS function, they certainly remain.

Recently the rumors about Kingzone N5 have been more and more, it is known that the launch date is approaching.

Besides all above mentioned, the biggest difference lies in the main body's color change. Instead of previous black and white only, N5 adds two new colors light green and rose red, which stands for young and fashion. Combined with cool metal frame, it will gain the favor of fashionable young people.

In the meantime, the price is also a great concern. It is believed that Kingzone will offer a reasonable price to all buyers.


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