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KINGZONE K2 flagship Arrival Only a little more beautiful than Iphone 6S


Kingzone K2 attracts extremely high attention since network exposure. After six months building, powerful KINGZONE K2 flagship version will be officially on sale in 6th Nov., unified official sells for $169.9. Official confidently ridicule said whole feels of K2 flagship, may be only a little more beautiful than apple 6s.

Real experience: may be only marginally more beautiful than apple 6s.

What a kind of phone is on earth the KINGZONE flagship k2? With this question everyone is eager to know, following unveil the answer. Won't let you down.

Invisible fingerprint as unlock key of K2 back is very delicate. When screen is locked, with inputted fingerprint fingers gently touch the sensitive part, enter the interface. Smart wake feeling can make you feel very cool.

Invisible fingerprint as unlock key of K2 back

Besides invisible touch screen buttons, there is also a must carry unique function of K2 mystery, that is the smart button at the under-side, maybe someone will ask, what's the role of this button? Three functions: when screen is black, press one times for snapshoot, twice for video recording, three times for torch. Listen too much of Black Tech, K2 features are very ground, very practical.

K2 Black Tech------Smart Side Button

K2 function and configuration are strong, the android 5.1 Lollipop system, selects the powerful MediaTek flagship MT6753 eight nuclear 64-1.3 GHz processor, built-in Mali - T720 graphics processor, equipped with high-speed 3 gb of memory, only in order to response you demand for mobile phones, more happily play large 3 d games, hd movies, quickly switch in the handle of multiple tasks at the same time.

K2 Crafted details everywhere

A really good mobile phone cannot without a good screen. KINGZONE K2 for 5 "JDI display screen, color perfectly sharp mobile ASV with corning gorilla glass screen, plus 2.5 D borderless technology is really incredible. Perfect is born in K2 mobile phone interface with 1920 * 1080 resolution, clear FHD full high-definition. When watch movies, reflection in heroine's fine eyes appear before you, enjoy it!

3 gb RAM + 16 gb ROM, if 2 gb RAM is highway, 3 gb RAM will enter the air era. KINGOZNE K2 has double 4G SIM cards double standby, balance life and work, support FDD - LTE, WCDMA 3 g, 4 g GSM 2 g, 4 g principal card high speed Internet access, vice card of 2g voice chat switching randomly.

In addition, the device's camera is combination of 8 mega pixel + 13 mega pixel, matched with the previous a list of Numbers, it has become the darling of the photographer.

K2 equipped with YMAHA BOX, even without the headphones, you can still enjoy the HIFI level enchanting music. When watch movie, can clearly feel the shell type of explosion and the sound of the gun shooting in your ear. YAMAHA BOX sound system is not just the big voice, more important is real, shock to hear, make you fondle admiringly.

K2 hotknot close wireless transmission technology (hereinafter referred to as "MoMoDa" technology), whatever you want to share files or pictures to your friends, as long as phone's screen of your K2 touch the another one's screen, another K2 can quickly complete the transfer process, is truly a legend of seconds oh. Speed to the incredible.

Seeing from the whole device again, K2 is with unique design, fine workmanship, perfect fit round and square, toughened glass on the front and back, and metal frame + metal internal structure. If K2 is only 6.3 mm, will be amazing again? Directly get another nickname "superman". Not only ultra-thin, hale and hearty, but also amazing is the battery capacity can reach 2450 mAh. Achieved to this level, it's really not easy for peers.

Sometimes waiting is a kind of pain. KINGZONE K2 flagship version, only a little more beautiful than Iphone 6S, will be officially on sale in 6th Nov, a unified official price of $169.9. Don't need to wait, go for details and buy on website, please log in the Kingzone.


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